# 1. We collect the following contents

# Telegram user id

When you are using this bot, your Telegram user id may be recorded and associated with the bot.
The actions that trigger the recording of user ids are currently the following.

  • Customize the reply format
  • Generate telegraph pages
  • Export author's all illusts
  • Favorites colloction (coming soon)
  • New illust push (coming soon)

All other actions bot will not record your information and will not associate your sent work with your id in any way.

# IP

bot / Cloudflare may get your current IP when you do the following

  • Visit the telegraph page (directly visit)
    • Cloudflare provides a direct link to the illust
    • bot provides a direct link to the ugoira

There is no any traffic in our service when you're viewing Telegram instant view page

  • When you saw this documents

# 2. security

bot does not have any user tracking links and will not disclose your usage habits to third parties.
The source code it runs on is exactly the same as the Github version.
You can also using source code to build your own service if you did'nt trust this service.

# 3. Revisions

The Privacy Policy may be revised at any time. By continuing to use this bot, you continue to agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy.

Last Updated: 8/10/2021, 11:19:30 AM