# Pixiv bot

A Telegram bot that helps you send pixiv illust on telegeam.
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The following Pixiv links are currently supported:

  • pixiv.net/artworks/:id
  • pixiv.net/artworks/en/:id
  • pixiv.net/i/:id
  • pixiv.net/member_illust.php?illust_id=:id
  • pixiv.net/member_illust.php?illust_id=:id#manga
  • :id

# Simple usage

# message mode

Just send pixiv link to bot
Supports multiple links in one message, just send them all to me!

# inline mode

bot supports Telegram's inline mode, click the share button or @Pixiv_bot (opens new window) in the chat to experience it.
At the moment, inline only has the function of daily ranking and illust id, there is no search function yet.

# Advanced Usage

The bot supports some custom usage, here is the introduction of usage.
For example, if I want to show the tag of my work in the reply, then I type +tag and it will be shown.
If I don't want the open button, then I type -open and the open button disappears.

# persistent save configuration

Use /s followed by the configuration
For example:

/s +tags -share

Then bot will default to the +tags -share configuration for the message / inline

# gives priority to group customization in groups +overwrite

/s +overwrite

To overwrite user's customization (for group)

If you still want to export your own formatted links in the group, send illust's links with +god.

# Include work tags +tags

Just type +tag / +tags in the message to show the tags of your work.

Due to Telegram's limitation, the work tags will not become clickable links when some special characters are encountered (e.g. `() - ・)), which means I can't fix it.

# Exporting works in reverse order +desc

The exported work will be in the reverse order of the input links (multip does not affect)

  • illust 1 link
  • illust 2 link


  • illust 2's image 1
  • illust 1's image 1
  • illust 1's image 2

# Show series on demand -open -share -kb -cp -rm

One image summarizes. ! r_2

  • -open does not show the open button
  • -share does not show the share button
  • -kb Both open and share buttons are not displayed

kb = keyboard

  • -cp does not show the text in the picture
  • -rm Show only the picture

set to default (/s -open ...) You can still manually add +open or something like that to the end of the work to display the corresponding content

# Sending work as a file +file

Enter +file and the bot will send you the source file directly.

and /s +file then the work sent to the bot will be sent directly to you every time

# Integrate multiple artworks into one media group (album) +album (enabled by default)

Enter +album in the message and the bot will integrate multiple entries into one media group
If you need to disable this feature and send once to an id, then enter -album and you're done

The order of sending pictures may change after -album is turned on, and the multi-p works will still be in the media group.
Also, Telegram has a limit of 10 images in a media group, so it will still send them in separate groups.

# Use telegraph to display +graph +telegraph for multiple entries

Type +graph / +telegraph in the message and the bot will integrate multiple entries into one telegraph and return a telegraph link for a quick preview on your phone.

If there are too many graphs, Telegram may not show IV instant previews, it is recommended to have less than 200 at a time.


https://www.pixiv.net/artworks/91105889 +telegraph

telegraph custom

Last Updated: 8/10/2021, 11:19:30 AM